Nights of Rain and Stars

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Nights of Rain and Stars
Maeve Binchy
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            This book will take you to beautiful Greece and small village of Aghia Anna with its beautiful beaches and great culture. Author of this book Maeve Binchy was an Irish novelist, short story writer, playwright, columnist, and speaker whose novels were translated into 37 languages, and sold in more than 40 million copies worldwide. “Nights of rain and stars” describes lives of four people from Ireland, England, America, and Germany who met in a Greek tavern in the night of great tragedy. All four of them and owner of the tavern have in common one thing: some problem in their relationships with their families. However, this tragic event was trigger for them to speak about their problems with realisation of how short life can be and how love is more important than our pride.

            Through events in the book and the stories we heard from main characters we learn about different types of families and different conflicts and problems that exists in them, and different perspectives as well. While something is problem in one family, other family views the same problem as desirable outcome and vice versa. Throughout personal revelations, other life stories and advice from others, characters learned what they valued most in life and how to act according to it. Also, book depicts relation between younger and older generations, and how young people can learn from mistakes of older people, and how older people can improve their lives by accepting ideas from younger generations. Every generation has something valuable to offer and we must not be hurry in disregarding that. 

            The book is written in very readable way with great understanding of human nature. It fascinated me to see how for a lot of situations that seems without solution, solution is very simple and it is just our minds that set limitations in front of us. This is the great book about human nature, life challenges, and achieving happiness. It offers valuable lessons about setting priorities in life and resolving interpersonal conflicts. I enjoyed reading this book, imaging that I am in Greece and tham I am observing the main characters with tears of joy in my eyes.