The Power of Habit

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The Power of Habit
Charles Duhigg
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            “The Power of Habit” is a self-help book that present the study of habits, describing what they are and how to change them. This book is written by Charles Duhigg, a New York Times reporter and author of the two non-fiction books: “The Power of Habit” and “Smarter Faster Better”. 

            “The Power of Habit” is divided into three parts that explore habits on three different levels. In the first part, author writes about the habits of individuals explaining the mechanism of the habits, how we can create the new habits and how we can transform the existing ones. In the second part, author writes about the habits on the level of organisation. Specifically, author explains the importance of the keystone habits, the power of crisis and gives examples of successful habits in the Starbucks and how companies are predicting the habits of their customers. In the third part, author deals with the habits in societies and explains how social movements happen. Also, in this part author tries to evaluate relation between the habits and the free will.  

            I recommend this book to everybody who wants to learn more about the habits, but especially to people who want to establish new habits or to change the existing ones. Also, if you are in doubt whether you can establish some new habit, this book will motivate you to start working on it. Some of my favorite quotes from this book are:

            “Habits can be changed, if we understand how they work”;

            “Transforming a habit isn’t necessarily easy or quick. It isn’t always simple. But it is possible. And now we understand how”.