Run for Your Life

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Run for Your Life: Mindful Running for a Happy Life
William Pullen
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            When I first heard that running is combined with psychotherapy, I was impressed with the greatness of this idea and its’ potential. If you are curious about that and want to experience itself “Run for your life” is the right book for that. This book is written by William Pullen, psychotherapist of integrative approach with practice in London, England. As runner himself, he experienced benefits of running combined with talking and founded dynamic running therapy, therapeutic method that combines traditional talk therapy, running, and mindfulness. This therapy can be used for different kind of problems such as depression, anxiety, addictions, self-confidence struggles etc. 

            At the beginning of the book there is a explanation of dynamic running therapy with the steps for doing it, and the description of perfect environment for healing process. Next chapters are focused on using this approach for particular issues like depression, anxiety, anger, improving decision making, and relationships. For every issue author explains what it is, what are sources of it, and how it works, and then gives list of questions to guide healing process. There is also space for writing answers in the book, so book can be used as great and practical guide allowing recording of all thoughts, notes, questions and returning to it as the processes continues. Author finishes the book addressing all important questions that will probably appear during reading, and that appeared in my case, so I felt that author recognises needs readers and address them in a accessible way. 

            I first read this book from cover to cover in literally one breath, and after that I identify one aspect of my life that I want to improve using this book. I am still in that process, but I love results so far. And my running is so more meaningful now. I was taking notes during reading of this book, and it is really hard to choose my favourite quote, since almost every sentence in this book has so strong message that I am returning often to my notebook for inspiration. In this moment, I will choose three quotes: 

            “The real world in front of you is often actually a much simpler place to inhabit than the one in your jumbled mind”;

            “What you seek is within. It sits waiting to be claimed by you. Only you can provide the peace, comfort and forgiveness you long for”;

            “The story will always differ-everyone has something different to learn-but each of us is no more than a moment away from a new start”.