Book Reviews

The Sunrise

  • 24. February 2018
  • fiction, historical fiction

The historical fiction novel that takes place in once very popular Cyprus tourist resort of Famagusta during the 1970s.

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You Do You

  • 23. February 2018
  • self-help

The self-help book that focuses on using one’s strengths and weaknesses to live life authentically.

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The Lord of the Rings

  • 07. February 2018
  • epic fantasy, adventure

The epic fantasy book about Sauron, Dark Lord and his rings of power.

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Cartes Postales from Greece

  • 08. January 2018
  • fiction

The book about Greece, its people, places, and customs.

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The Garden of the Gods

  • 29. December 2017
  • autobiography

The third book in the Corfu Trilogy that describes the life of Durrell’s family on the Greek island of Corfu.

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